In a world where children experience a myriad of challenges, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something that helps YOU to help them through it? It can be hard to know how best to help, what to say, especially when things are  overwhelming and hard for you too.

I’ll Be There Bear & Pals

The ‘I’ll Be There’ Bear & Pals joins you in a common goal to empower your children with the tools they need to understand, navigate through, and begin on their journey to overcome challenge.


Introduce your new BFF to your class, surprise them when they discover that they’re new Pal has specifically chosen them. Let your new Pal support you as you nurture and guide your children through tricky times. Their new cherished Pal can help offer emotional support when you can’t be there and be that companion who understands when the child feels no-one else does.

Your children trust you, so listening to your unique voice recording of familiar phrases of encouragement, will offer much needed reassurance in times of need.

The I’ll Be There Bear & Pals are guardians of children’s hearts letting them know they matter.


More than just a soft toy.

They’re guardians of their hearts and feelings. They help children cope and grow from their experiences and help you to show them how. With a fluffy ear to listen, soft paws to snuggle and the right kind of reassuring squish that makes everyone feel better, they stay right by their side during times of turmoil.


Help during times of change.


Perfect Companion.

To help children navigate their way through life’s difficulties, offering safe, cuddly support that helps them navigate the tough times.

The I’ll Be There Bear & Pals are here to help you equip children with the tools they need to develop emotional understanding and resilience that’s grounded in empathy, connection, love and support.

Find your child’s ‘I’ll Be There’ new BFF.