Expert in creating emotionally and mentally safe work and learning spaces for everyone, from leaders to learners. Breaking down barriers of understanding and practice of a trauma-informed approach.

What Do We Do

No Pencil Required™

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No Pencil Required Trauma-Informed Coaching and Training™ Services prioritise mental and emotional well-being, and overall staff and children wellness, in Early Years settings and Primary Schools.

No Pencil Required™ is a CPD Accredited Company. 

The No Pencil Required Trauma-Informed Approach™ is simple and impactful. It teaches you how trauma and adversity can become interwoven and influential in everyday life. This unique approach transforms practice and lives.

Life experiences play a key role in how you turn up and interact with the world and greatly impacts our ability to navigate your life’s journey. Recognition and understanding positively creates a trauma-informed, supportive environment for mindful connection, encouraging and affirming interactions and effective learning.

With the rising concerns about children’s mental health, understanding trauma’s influence is a vital requirement.

No Pencil Required™ go beyond the basics; we genuinely acknowledge and attend to the impact of adverse experiences on everyone’s well-being within learning communities. It’s not just a commitment; it’s a warm dedication to creating a caring environment for all.

No Pencil Required™ guides you to become a wellness-focused setting, prioritising well-being in children and staff. We take your whole setting on a journey that elevates your awareness and know how, giving clear, easy to implement strategies that can become who you are and what you do. This pathway adds depth and meaning to your ethos, a shared vision where everyone has a part to play

The No Pencil Required Roadmap™

Imagine your setting’s trauma-informed journey as a road trip, with four important stops along the way.



Ready to understand the basics. Smooth road ahead as you learn about the impact of trauma, and the understanding that many people may have faced tough times.


Moving forward can feel like hitting a traffic jam. It’s a little bit slow because you’re actively changing how you think, talk and act. In your school it’s creating that supportive atmosphere, and you can expect a few stops and starts as everyone adapts.


Entering the trauma informed zone is like reaching a speed limit area, you are moving fast but it’s structured. Now everyone in your school community understands trauma. It’s the shared commitment to heal and feel safe, but you’ve got to follow the speed limit for everyone to keep up.


It’s all about being super prepared, always learning and adapting practise and policy. There might be some bumps as you listen, change, and meet the needs of those who have been through traumatic events or adverse life experiences, and you might find times where it’s a bit slow due to the ongoing adjustments.

Overall, your whole journey will have a mix of lights and road works. It’s normal. Red lights might pop up when challenges arise, like hesitancy or misunderstandings. But when lights turn green, it means progress and understanding. Although you might encounter road works where things need careful attention like adjusting policies and there could be speed limit zones where you need structure to maintain their momentum.

Remembering that it’s a journey with different phases can help keep you moving forward to creating safer and more supportive spaces for everyone in your learning communities.

“We are not therapists”.

No Pencil Required™ reassures you that you don’t need to be a therapist to be therapeutic and teaches you how.

“When are we supposed to fit this in?”

Our approach complements all teaching styles, showing you how to integrate seamlessly into your everyday experiences.

“I know they’ve had a tough time, but they still need to do as they’re told”.

Traumatised nervous systems cannot respond like a non-traumatised nervous system. They’re struggling & need to be met where they are.

“I’m too busy, I’ve not got time for this!”

It takes the same amount of time dealing with difficult behaviour as it does to understand & support it. No Pencil Required™ guides you through.

About Us

I am Teresa, founder of No Pencil Required™ and Mum of three, Granny to two, a farmer’s wife and ex-nursery lead teacher. Working with children has been a part of my life for over 25 years, and I’ve managed, taught, and lead various Early Years settings.

The children who arrived with a bit more baggage than others, always pulled my heart strings, they drew me to them, and I felt compelled to get to know them and their families. Building connection was something I ‘just did’, I just didn’t know, or appreciate, how significant it was.

Now, after my years of professional and personal development, I recognise that my own personal history – a service child who moved around a lot, leaving friends behind, familial dysfunction and growing up in a disadvantaged area, where everyone lived in various states of poverty – I related to them. I understood their difficulty and feeling of disconnect. I understood the lives these families live and could speak to them without judgement.

The No Pencil Required Trauma-Informed Training Framework™

Becoming trauma-informed means taking your school or nursery to the next level of mental health and wellbeing.

It shows how much you value your teams, children, and parents and  that you are prepared to go beyond the tick box exercises, navigating educational cultural change for the wellbeing of everyone.

No Pencil Required™ guides you through, with clear, easy to understand trainings and workshops for Leaders, Staff and Children.

It helps you develop curiosity with your No Pencil Required Trauma-Informed Lens™ and you will learn to see beyond roles and behaviour.

Discover how to see the person and you see them differently.

Quality Trauma-Informed Training is crucial for Early Years and Primary Education. The No Pencil Required Trauma-informed™ training influences how you teach during a child’s formative years and has a positive far-reaching impact on learning and life outcomes.

It’s for the nurseries and schools who want to promote personal, social, and emotional wellness mental health and success.

When equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand and respond effectively to trauma responses, difficult behaviours, and dysregulated children:

  • Leaders become expert at active listening, learning to identify the nuances of emotional responses in staff and colleagues, be open about mental health and encourage staff wellbeing and reduce work-related stress and staff absenteeism.
  • Teachers discover what’s going on inside the brains and bodies of their children, learn real-time strategies that make a difference. This empowers them to feel confident and capable, supported and heard.
  • Children learn how to identify what’s happening in their bodies, are advocates for their own feelings and emotions, are taught the language to articulate how they feel and what they need, and confident that these needs will be met.

No Pencil Required Trauma-Informed Training™

No Pencil Required Trauma-Informed Leadership Training (TILT™)

Become a better leader, create a safe team, and reduce stress. Delivered face-face/live Zoom or pre-recorded.

Great Leadership starts with Self-Leadership:

  • Learn and develop the necessary skills that support you in the busy demands of your role.
  • Gain the insights that enable you to become attuned to a person’s state of mind so you can convey a message of safety, conducive to open communication.
  • Find out how to support your team and minimise stress.

No Pencil Required Trauma-Informed Primary & Early Years Training (TIPE™)

In three hours, uncover the essentials of trauma, teacher impact, and effective classroom strategies.

We offer versatile training options tailored to your preferences. Our training programmes can be delivered through face-to-face sessions, live Zoom sessions, or pre-recorded sessions with inclusive Q&A support.

Prices are variable and dependent on the chosen delivery format, as well as whether the training is for whole teams collectively or separately.

This is a three-hour programme which explores:

    • Part 1. What is Trauma?Learn what trauma is, what it means to the individual, what happens in the body (somatic), how to recognise signs of trauma, and to understand the difference between being trauma-informed and trauma aware.


  • Part 2. Trauma and the Teacher.What impact does trauma have on the role and the individual, how to recognise personal triggers and what to do about it.
  • Part 3. What To Do and When?This element supports recognition of trauma responses in children, how to ‘beat the peak, and strategies that can be implemented in the classroom to support behaviour.

No Pencil Required Neuro-Navigators

Empowering Children with Body & Brain Connection for Emotional and Behavioural Support (pupils 3-11 years). They learn to handle emotions, build confidence, and pave the way for life and learning success.

Recorded, fun and interactive sessions help young children develop a body and brain connection. They learn to identify what is happening to them at times of upset and dysregulation, the names of these feelings, and the things they can do to help themselves.

There are three stages:

  • Brain Buds™ (EYFS)
  • Brain Builders Club™ (KS1)
  • Thought Transformers™ (KS2)

It beautifully supports autonomy and self-advocacy as well as promoting self-confidence. This is the stepping stone to recognising their self-worth and move forward to life and learning success.

Start Your No Pencil Required SAT-NAV™

Not sure where you are on your Trauma-Informed journey?

Don’t worry, I will help you pinpoint your position and steer you in the right direction. 

With the attentive & thorough No Pencil Required Policy & Procedure Assessment FrameworkI can help you determine if:

  • You’re ready to embark on the start of your journey.
  • At the rest stop & need help to decide where to go next.
  • Refuelling: on track but need a little motivation to keep going.
  • On track – with some supportive reflections and tweaks to stay on course.

When we know where you are, we can plan the right course of action pertinent to your setting needs.

The Conscious Practitioner NPR Training CPD Accredited

The Conscious Practitioner. This is where it all begins, with YOU as the driving force.

Why is it crucial for you to embark on this journey? Because your team are the heart and soul of your setting, your well-being sets the tone for the entire classroom and  you need the tools to navigate the most challenging moments and create a culture of kindness and understanding.

Puts the teacher first and is an introduction to conscious teaching practice. It is suited to anyone working with and caring for children. You will learn how to transition from stressed and under pressure to calm and collected to differentiate and differentiate your teaching practice from conventional methods, recognise your triggers and reframe the way you think.

The skills you will gain will change the way you present yourself in your position and allow you to be a role model for both colleagues and children. Taking this course will change your response to situations and make you more aware of yourself and those around you.

No Pencil Required Training Programme CPD Accredited

This training programme will give your dedicated staff a first-hand experience of the No Pencil Required approach, equipping them with practical techniques and strategies that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

Created to support school leaders, Early Years teachers, KS1 & 2 Teachers, practitioners, and professionals who are dedicated to ensuring their learners reach their full potential through a carefully thought-out, conscious, playful approach. No Pencil Required™ supports the recognition and understanding of young children’s physical, sensory and emotional development.

It can be used by schools, academies, private nurseries, preschool settings, and any sector that supports teaching and learning; utilising it to inform and improve their teaching practice.

No Pencil Required™ provides a clear and comprehensive structure that allows the practitioner to identify their own strengths and improvement goals while also supporting practical action planning and continuing class review. It can be used to support existing provision, identifying possibilities that require support and enabling individual, and collective, child & teacher transformation. 

Discovery Session

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In just 30 minutes, I will attentively listen to your challenges and concerns, and assure you that help is within reach.

Prioritise emotional well-being across your whole school/nursery when you maximise the impact of Pupil Premium Funding with No Pencil Required™ Training. Access tailored support for those in need and foster a culture of compassion, ensuring every child thrives in a nurturing learning space.